The Retford Round Robin Route starts and ends in Whitwell.

Route devised by the LSW team.

Starting from the Royal Oak pub in the village of Whitwell, this is a walk around the Bassetlaw District of North Notts and South Yorkshire. Taking in a variety of walking surfaces, the route meanders alongside the Chesterfield Canal, passes through the Osberton estate… skirts the prison at Ranby… and trundles over fields and lanes as we wind our way towards the National Trust estate of Clumber Park before heading back through Welbeck estates on our return to Whitwell. Basically a flat route, perfect for newcomers wanting to experience a 40 mile challenge walk. Don’t be fooled however; it is still an extreme event as most people don’t walk 4 miles never mind 40!
Walkers of all experiences will enjoy the range of fantastic scenery and views encountered during this bijoux strollette.

Route next planned for the 23rd June 2018 walk.

Route Descriptions (these are subject to alteration)

1 Whitwell to Carlton In Lindrick updated MAY 13
2 Carlton In Lindrick to Ranby updated MAY 13
3 Ranby to RRUFC updated MAY 13
4 RRUFC to Jockey Lane updated MAY 13
5 Jockey Lane to Bothamsall updated MAY 13
6 Bothamsall to Clumber Park Hotel updated MAY 13
7 Clumber Park Hotel to Trumans Lodge updated MAY 13
8 Trumans Lodge to South Lodge updated MAY 13
9 South lodge to Whitwell update MAY 13


1-Whitwell to Carlton In Lindrick – MAP
2-Carlton In Lindrick to Ranby – MAP
3-Ranby to Retford RUFC – MAP
4-Retford RUFC to Caravan UK (Elkesley) – MAP
5-Caravan UK (Elkesley) to Bothamsall PC – MAP
6-Bothamsall PC to Clumber Park Hotel – MAP
7-Clumber Park Hotel to Trumans Lodge – MAP
8-Trumans Lodge to South Lodge (Welbeck) – MAP
9-South Lodge (Welbeck) to Royal Oak (Whitwell) – MAP

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