The LSW was first walked in 1994. It followed the route of a well known”Hiker”, John Merrill. It was called “The Limey Way”. Starting in Castleton, North Derbyshire, on the edge of the Dark Peak, it wanders through 21 dales of the limestone variety finishing at Thorpe in the south of the county. A tough challenge for the 12 who took it on.

1995 saw us take on another Merrill challenge – The Rivers Way – Commencing in Edale and following the rivers, Noe, Derwent, Wye, Dove and Manifold on its 41 mile march through the county of Derbyshire. We extended it to finish at Dovedale CP making it a total of 41 miles….bloody difficult this one.

1996 saw us planning our own route, for the first time, with the intention of finishing in our home village of Whitwell in North East Derbyshire. Many months of planning saw us produce, what I consider to be THE LOUISE SMALLEY CHALLENGE WALK. Commencing at Monsal Head, it is a 41.3 mile walk taking in some of the finest territory Derbyshire has to offer. Starting with the iconic view of Monsal Viaduct we wander through dry-stone walled dales….walking through history as we take in EYAM before climbing steeply up through woodland to meet the fault line of Curbar/Froggatt edge with majestic views (even Chatsworth can be seen) before turning across moorland and the more classic landscape of fields loaded with sheep, cows etc etc etc. Flat it is not……there are some serious climbs to be tackled en route before arriving in Whitwell for a well deserved pint or 5.

The 1996 walk was such a success that it was decided that ALL walks should finish back in Whitwell….precisely…the Royal Oak pub. So, this we did…..we now have a portfolio of 7 walks…3 starting in the Peak District….1 through Nottinghamshire and 3 “Round Robins” taking in the beauty of our local countryside.

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Joe Mason

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