Rambles from the ramblers

Below are a collection of tales from some of the walkers. For those of you who are new walkers, these tales will tell you, blisters and all, what you can expect. As for those of you who have walked they may bring back memories. So spend a few minutes and enjoy the smiles and aches of those that have done it!

In 2004 a chap known as Vic Clarke walked the Millers’ Dale route. He was so affected by the event he felt he had to put pen to paper so all following in his footsteps would know just how it feels to undertake this walk. He really captures the event right down to the boots………read the attachment above to understand. Vic called it:
Tim Glenn is a member of the Long Distance Walking Association and therefore knows a bit about long walks. He also happens to write articles for the LDWA magazine ‘Strider.’ So after sampling the LSW, on 2 separate occasions he wrote the article which is listed above. As he says, “there are charity walks and there are charity walks and then, there is The Louise Smalley Walk.” Needless to say, Tim is now a regular LSW walker.
To all of you who think “I couldn’t possibly do this” read Craigs’ Story.
We walked the hardest of all our walks….Monsal Head Route.
Craig is a big lad. He made it and should be an inspiration to all doubters. It happened in 2007.
Ade is a regular LSW walker. He is known for his short stories and describes this walk very well indeed. A “tongue in cheek” look back over his 2017 walk.
Mark Ablett is a proud member of Whitwell Cricket Club (the recipients of the funds raised in 2018.) Here is his account of preparing and completing the 2018 Retford Reverse Round.
Martin Forrest is another of Whitwell Cricket Club’s members who undertook the 2018 challenge. Here is his honest account of the day. It’s an entertaining read and worth spending time reading.
Howard  (or the Faded Maroon Hat) is a member of the organising group and one of the key people who check the route descriptions each year. He explain how he first became involved with the LSW and highlights the many health benefits to walking.