The Flower Route has been designed to address the additional challenges that the Covid situation of 2021 has added to holding a sponsored challenge walk.

For 2021 we are introducing a new kind of route. Coronavirus has made us re-think how we make our event work. So, instead of having 1 walk with lots of checkpoints, we are having 1 checkpoint with lots of walks! See just how many excellent local walks there are around Whitwell. Let’s celebrate our own countryside.

All walks will commence and finish at the Whitwell Community Centre. There will be 6 walks to complete all of varying lengths.

Route 1 – 10.5 miles – Holbeck – Elmton – Clowne.
Map Flower Route 1 10.75miles
Daisy Flower. Route 1 June Set

Route 2 –  9.5 miles – Steetly – Turnerwood – Thorpe Salvin
Map Flower Route 2 – 9.55miles
Daisy Flower. Route 2 June Set

Route 3 – 6.5 miles – Creswell Crags Circular via Hodthorpe
Map Flower Route 3 – 6.7miles
Daisy Flower. Route 3 June Set

Route 4 – 7.5 miles – Whitwell Common – Clowne – Markland Grips.
Map Flower Route 4 – 7.55miles
Daisy Flower. Route 4 June Set

Route 5 – 4.0 miles – Whitwell Woods Circular.
Map Flower Route 5 – 4.15miles
Daisy Flower. Route 5 June Set

Route 6 – 3.5 miles – Wander around the edge of the village.
Map Flower Route 6 – 3.4miles
Daisy Flower. Route 6 June Set

There will be 1 central checkpoint stringently controlled to make this area safe for all walkers and support crew. Tough rules will be in place and marshals will help guide walkers around the area safely.

  • Walkers will be setting off in groups of 6, to follow either initial route A or B, at staggered intervals, starting from 4am.
  • It is not compulsory for these groups to be maintained. Walking groups are not, at any point, to exceed a maximum of 6 walkers but must always have a minimum of 2.
  • Each group will be given a set order to complete the routes, in order to minimise cross overs.
  • Only walkers and support staff will be permitted to enter the Community Centre site during the event.
  • Whilst on the Community Centre site, a facemask must be worn at all times.
  • Walkers will be expected to carry, and use, hand sanitiser.