2015 saw us taking on a picturesque route through Nottinghamshire.(Burton Joyce to Whitwell).

Passing many sights, Including:

  • National grid testing facility near Eakring (you need to see it to believe it).
  •  Solar farms a plenty.
  •  Historic Sherwood Forest .
  • Welbeck Estates.
  • Finally a world heritage centre of Creswell Crags.

A real variety to experience!

PS – as you will see, Notts. may not be mountainous but, it certainly isn’t flat!

  1. Burton Joyce to Oxton                                    8.0 miles MAP
  2. Oxton to Southwell Trail                               5.6 miles MAP
  3. Southwell Trail to Eakring                            5.9 miles MAP
  4. Eakring to Edwinstowe                                  4.5 miles MAP
  5. Edwinstowe to Duncanwood                        5.9 miles MAP
  6. Duncanwood to Trumans Lodge                 3.8 miles MAP
  7. Trumans Lodge to South Lodge                   2.8 miles MAP
  8. South Lodge to Creswell Crags                    2.3 miles MAP
  9. Creswell Crags to Whitwell                           2.5 miles MAP