Every year it falls upon us to select the recipient of our efforts for the following year. We have very strict procedures to ensure fairness in the selection process.
It is so important to do this as it is YOUR MONEY, not that of the committee, so it is up to you who we select.
We hold a meeting at the Whitwell Community Centre where all nominations can be heard and “members” can make their selection.
To understand how it all works please view the nomination procedures for 2019 on the link below. It tells you all you need to know to get involved.

Recipient Nomination Rules 2019

For 2019 there were 4 nominations. Each nominator supplied information to help make the selection. This also meant we needed to hold a “selection meeting” to chose our 2019 recipient.
This took place at the Whitwell Community Centre on September 21st @ 8.15pm.

REMEMBER – NO SHOW/NO VOTE. So if you don’t attend then


The following were the nominations for 2019
Simply click on the nomination for more details.

LSW Nomination 2019 – Trev Smalley

LSW Nomination 2019 – Steve Monaghan

LSW Nomination 2019 – Jackie Solaiman

LSW Nomination 2019 – Kirsty Murray

The chosen nomination was The Sick Children’s Trust – nominated by Jackie.


If you want to nominate a cause for the 2020 walk, please read our election procedures and make sure that you are eligible.

Recipient Nomination Rules 2019