Walking 40 miles in one go is somewhat of a challenge. Before undertaking such an event it is wise to undergo some level of training. I  recommend some longer walks on your training plan but, if you don’t have the time then at least get some smaller walks under your belt. GET THEM LEGS USED TO WALKING!!! With that in mind below are a collection of 3 to 10 mile walks which will help to stretch out those muscles and keep you in shape ready for walk day. Remember, when you don’t have time for a longer walk, these will help to keep your legs warm.


Creswell Crags and Tunnels  3 miles
Route taken from Nottinghamshire county Council Walks and rides

Creswell Farm 3.2 miles
Route from Walk4Life

S80 Cafe (Creswell) walk 6.2 miles

Whitwell, Hodthorpe Long Round 9.7 miles

3-4 mile circuit – Royal Oak (Whitwell) -_WOOD – Royal_Oak

5.6 mile circle_Pleasley Pit-Teversal-Pleasley Pit

4.1 mile – Line_Moorfruita (Clowne) -_Royal Oak (Whitwell)

4.4 mile circuit – Royal Oak (Whitwell) -_Crags – Royal_Oak

4.9 mile circuit – Royal Oak (Whitwell) – Clowne – Royal_Oak

5.3 mile LINE_- Harthill (Bluebell) – Royal_Oak (Whitwell)