In 2012 one of our regular walkers put forward a proposal to introduce a new walk that was to be a walk through our local areas history/heritage.
The route to include visits to sites of industrial plus historical heritage. Therefore, living in a predominantly mining,area we planned to take advantage of remnants of this era……railway lines…..old “pit tips” and open cast diggings/quarries.
What a promise of a walk I hear you say!!!!
Well to be truthful this,we thought, would be a real challenge. We need not have worried. ……..
Old railway lines   =  Cycle and bridle tracks
Pit Tips  =  reclaimed and replanted with flora and fauna and walk routes incorporated into green hillsides all over the 2 counties of Notts. & Derbys!
Open cast diggings/quarries  =  water filled nature reserves attracting all types of wildlife and a haven for fishing enthusiasts.
Once upon a time some of the areas we planned to walk in would have resembled “lunar type landscapes”… from pit slurry etc…..quite frankly a land of grim and unforgiving territory that could be “smelt” from miles away. Anyone travelling north along the M1 north of J29 only had to look to their right for evidence of this.
You have to walk this route to see the wonderful landscape changes far beyond expectations. Younger types don’t believe what we tell them about how the area used to look. It a simply unimaginable to kids born post 1995ish.

On top of the landscape we pass some of the countries finest stateley homes and an historic castle………these are:
Bolsover Castle
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Hardwick Hall
Welbeck Estates.

Walk designed by Scott Ellis   — first walked by the LSW in 2013….next planned for TBC.

Route Descriptions (these are subject to change).

LSW Heritage Route 2013_Section_1
LSW Heritage Walk 2013_Section_2
LSW Heritage Walk 2013_Section_3
LSW Heritage Walk 2013_Section_4
LSW Heritage Walk 2013_Section_5
LSW Heritage Walk 2013_Section_6
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