• How long is the walk?

At least 40 miles

  • When does the walk take place?

Every year in June- the Saturday nearest the longest day (mostly)

  • What is the walk start time?

The walk starts at 04:00.

  • How much does it cost to enter?

£5 only

  • How much money am I expected to raise?

As much as you possibly can …..however a minimum of £40

  • How do I enter?

Download an application form from the Want to Walk page, fill in and post with your cheque for £5 to Joe Mason (1 New Street, Bakestone Moor, Whitwell, Worksop, Notts
S80 4QN). Make the cheque payable to Louise Smalley Fund. If you live locally you can put your completed application form with £5 cash if you prefer through Joes letter box.

Application forms also available from Whitwell Community Centre and the Royal Oak pub in Whitwell

  • How do I get a sponsor form?

This will be sent to you once your application form is received and approved.

  • What’s the closing date for applications?

31st May each year

  • What can I do to prepare for the walk?

Don’t attempt to practice the full 40 miles. However walking the route in smaller sections is a definite advantage. Look on the website and try some of the leg warmer routes, join some of the training walks or simply strap your boots on and get out and walk as many reasonable distance walks as you can. Also don’t forget to attend the pre-walk meeting at The Royal Oak on the Friday evening the week before the walk.

  • How difficult is it?

It is an extreme type event. Some find the walk easy…..others do not. The distance of 40 miles will always be difficult to some degree. DO NOT assume it is easy because “you are only walking after all”. Blisters could be your downfall along with “Chaffing”. See “Joe’s Top 5 Tips” to help you through the day. 

  • How will I know where to go?

You will be issued with a very detailed route description when you check in. This will also be available from the website along with area maps.
Please be aware – we may update the route on several occasions due to events beyond our control.
The most accurate route description is the one we issue on the day of the walk.

  • Will I need to carry supplies?
We have support teams in place which will have supplies of water food etc.
You only really need to carry what is required from checkpoint to checkpoint. Bear in mind the distances between checkpoints start LARGE and get shorter as we get along the 40 mile route.
You WILL need to carry you own supplies for Section 1.
First section is normally about 10
miles long.
  • What happens if it’s raining?

Simple   — you get wet!
We plan long and hard towards walk day….it is not possible to postpone the walk simply because of inclement weather