The Award Winning Louise Smalley Walk.

On Friday 6th October Joe, Trevor, Liz and James attended the 2017 Bolsover District Sports Awards ceremony at the Sports Direct Conference rooms. This was an superb night which celebrated all the great sportspeople and events that happen within the local area. It was both amazing and humbling to listen to some of the achievements that had been made, especially those of some of the youngest nominees.

However, it was also a fantastic night for the Louise Smalley Walk, as we were awarded the Community Award for 2017. The voting committee recognised the hard work that has been made by all the walkers and support teams. They also acknowledged the longevity of the walk and were appreciative of the amount of money that has been raised over the years.


So, well done to everybody who has contributed by either putting on a pair of boots, standing and clapping in walkers, patching up and rubbing sore feet, or contributing to the bonus ball fund. This award is for all of you.

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